Event Dates:
February 11-14, 2019

Unity of Orange County
23181 Verdugo Dr., Laguna Hills, CA

Love. We seek it, we give it, we engage in it with others. Humanity across time and cultures embraces love. Love is interwoven into the very fabric of our body, soul and spirit. We feel it in ourselves and we feel it in those we love. Love is often described as something pure and unchanging. But when we look at ourselves and those around us we see and feel how our love grows. This workshop is about that growth. How love grows and develops in stages throughout our life. That is…

Love grows up just as we grow up.

We know love develops. Now we know how love develops. Recent research into love and how it grows in stages can help us to be the most loving people we can be. With this new information we can map our own stages of love as a guide for our own development. The implications of this are quite profound!