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Unfolding the Living Map of Life

STAGES charts human development from the first-person perspective of an infant to the latest levels found in adulthood, and what those levels mean in our day-to-day lives.

As we grow, we develop the capacity to take on more complex perspectives of ourselves and our relationships with others and our world. While not every human continues to grow their perspective into adulthood, almost all have the capacity to do so.

This development can continue throughout adulthood and be expressed as emerging abilities to take larger perspectives, see novel solutions, find deeper spiritual connection and nurturing, and discover unifying themes in life, work, and love.

STAGES International allows us to determine our stage of perspective development, understand what it means, and develop it over time.

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STAGES offers two kinds of certifications, to better enable you to bring this groundbreaking work into your own life and practice.


Determine the stage of perspective development for you, your clients, or your executive team.

Big Problems Need Big Perspectives

We are living in an increasingly polarized and divided world. We face challenges with our environment, our governments, our employees and colleagues, and in how we relate to our partners and families, our communities, and even in understanding our own most deeply-held beliefs.

We can’t fix a problem if we don’t understand what’s causing it,
no matter how passionate or caring we may be.

This is as true in business leadership as it is in one-on-one therapy or coaching, education, or in addressing existential environmental issues.

STAGES allows us to view our world through a lens that honors complexity — so our solutions can address the roots of the problem and therefore take hold more deeply and effectively.

Terri O’Fallon, Ph.D. Created This Model

STAGES evolved through Terri’s decades of research and experience and her integration of this data with other evolutionary models, such as Ken Wilber, Jean Gebser, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and Jane Loveinger. STAGES includes the most comprehensive understanding we have of the complete human: psychological, biological, cultural, and spiritual.

More on Terri >

Kim Barta, M.A., Integrated This Model

Kim has brought psychological shadow and its resolution into developmental psychology. He developed several new therapeutic practices that lead to deep and rapid healing proven themselves effective with a wide range of issues. He brings nuance and direct application into the STAGES model, allowing it to be integrated into the dynamic and fluid world of psychotherapy and coaching.

More on Kim >

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STAGES is an Applied Theory

STAGES gets its data from the real world and is informed by the real world. STAGES is being used in the following fields, with measurable results:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Coaching
  • Business Leadership
  • Organization Development
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Counseling and Advising
  • Relationships

Visit our Resources section to explore any of these topics in greater detail.

Terri O’Fallon is one of the very most important integrally informed researchers now working. I highly recommend checking her out at your earliest opportunity!


Ken Wilber
The Integral Vision

Post-conventional developmental stages are one of the most important yet under researched areas of Integral studies, and we can all be grateful to Terri O’Fallon, who is one of the very few researchers exploring this crucial topic.

Roger Walsh
University of California Irvine Medical School

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Stages Roadmap

In this PDF, you’ll be able to read about the big picture view that developmental psychology can give you about life, how to understand leadership, parenting, and relationship through an entirely different lens, and much more.

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Download or stream free audio on the STAGES theory, STAGES and parenting, grief and loss, and the highest levels of human development yet known to us.

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Access academic papers on STAGES from Terri, Kim, and other academics, informal blogs on more day-to-day application of the theory, and much more.

Get advanced notice about live and online events, discounts on courses, and access to free articles and audio.

We don’t share your information with any other organizations and we only send information you’ll find useful.