Psychological Later Stages

Later Stages of Development

The MetAware stages are extraordinarily rare at this point in history. These last two stages, which embody the sixth-person perspective, are especially rare. It is important just the same to know they exist and that they are in a very real sense, just as ordinary as any other stage of development.

6.0. Stage of Development

MetAware. Collective.Reciprocal

The 6.0 stage is a MetAware iteration of concrete 2.0 (concrete mythic), and subtle 4.0 (subtle mythic) stages so the qualities that we see in repeat in new forms, except rather than concrete communities and subtle collective contexts, they experience the MetAware collective - the vast Kosmos or the one whole which they experience being inside of.

This is the first stage where complexity is backgrounded to the simplicity of the Whole. The exterior fullness part of this stage occurs when your Awareness of awareness "I" interpenetrates with (or drops into) the MetAware collective, Kosmos (defined as all concrete, subtle, and MetAware manifestation). You background the Awareness "I", and foreground the vast, timeless Kosmos collective or whole. The word "I" tends not to show up much for you here, as watchful Awareness simply seems to disappear and a profound reciprocity begins to occur with all of manifestation. It may feel to you like the (MetAware) body is porous and all the Kosmos is blowing through like the wind—a vibrating reciprocoty of the awareness "I" and Kosmos "we" where profound states of oneness with the non-dual ground of being accidentally occur. (This is a repeat of the early mythic at 2.0, where people see how another can concretely see them in reciprocity, even when they aren't looking, thus, the gods become mythic because they can also be ever-seeing as well. This also repeats at 4.0 where the subtle mythic pattern shows up in archetypes and various subtle forms which have voices that speak to and guide you, including collective consciousness. This experience is seen again here at 6.0 where MetAware mythic experiences of instantaneous, whole downloads, are received from the vast timeless Kosmos. This is a horizontal stage where the concrete, the subtle and the MetAware are not prioritized. Developmental aspect are sometimes deemphasized at this stage because of the difficulty to prioritize and categorize. Foregrounded are experiences in reciprocity with the All of Manifestation. Language may be vividly descriptive and allegorical in an attempt to point to these extraordinary experiences with the whole of the vast timelessness.

The empty side of this stage swings to the vast, peaceful ever present, silence and emptiness of the entire Kosmos - a space of experiencing the Source directly in its infinity and eternity until gently you begin to apprehend an even greater trajectory of the Whole.

People experiencing this stage

  • Embody a MetAware both/and reciprocity between Awareness of awareness and the Kosmos. I will foreground the Kosmos, background Awareness.
  • See how self, others, and everything are constructed by the whole of the Kosmos.
  • Situate everything in infinite space and eternal time often not yet recognizing the difference between infinity and timelessness..
  • Have Awareness as one's identity. Awareness is a pliable and instantaneous source of communication with the Kosmos. May receive remarkable insights through this speed of awareness.
  • Can't easily prioritize since sees only one whole, the Kosmos, thus has horizontal views.
  • Experience is In-the-moment.
  • Welcome understanding and dissolution of shadow elements to free themselves.
  • View from inside the whole of the Kosmos
  • Experience the MetAware "I" seeing the oceanic whole seeing it in return (reciprocity).
  • The Witness, which sees outside of the confines of the concrete, subtle and MetAware body, flashes in its first state stage.


  • Wants time to explore a vast spaciousness and wonder.
  • Can become flooded with the infinite elements of existence to the point that they may lose a sense of self.
  • Begin to experience MetAware immanence, concrete, and subtle as flowing through them from and as Source.
  • In the later part of this stage, they identify as vast ever-presence. That Self drives their life, which includes all of existence including the embodied temporal self.
  • Support for the impressionistic downloads that arrive and arise.
  • In-the-moment focus on time can support impulsiveness rather then letting the whole flow enough to let the process unfold.

6.5 Stage of Development (Illumined)

MetAware. Collective.Interpenetration.

The 6.5 stage is a casual iteration of concrete 2.5, and subtle 4.5 so the qualities that we see there repeat here, except rather than seeing concrete and subtle objects in a trajectory, the apprehension of the concrete world of matter, the subtle world of life, and MetAware world of Mind, as a whole trajectory arises.

Where as 2.5 sees the prioritization of rules (some sins are worse than others), and 4.5 comprehends the developmental trajectory of humans (some stages are more evolutionary than others), at this 6.5 stage, you grasp the trajectory of the concrete world, from the big bang to the present and on into forever, the subtle world of life with senses that perceive without any concrete connections, and the MetAware world of mind which has its own concrete, subtle and MetAware experiences and which only knows these other two worlds through their own sensing, perspectives, and witnessing awareness. Your knowledge is so vast and comprehensive and the knowing so immediate that you may find yourself in long monologues to describe it, at times interrupting others with clarifying points, if not externally, then internally. All complexity seems to be held within simple, elegant scaffolding that makes it possible for a variety of people to understand. You experience a surety of and total knowing of these conceptions, which may be seen by some as a new kind of fundamentalism.

As with earlier 2.5 and 4.5 stages, this is a stage where the interior (now, emptiness) and the exterior (now, fullness) begin to come together: upon reflection you can see your MetAware projections: the projections that mind has on itself, on the life world of plants and animals, and on the world of matter. How can we know that these worlds are as we assume them to be when all of our information about them is filtered through the human mind and its concrete senses; through the subtle sciences; through perspectives, however late, and all of this rides on your sea of interpenetrated emptiness and fullness, the ground of being which is experienced in the moment but recognized upon reflection.

At the 6.5 stage, models, practices and trajectories tend to cover everything in the Kosmos, and the claims may seem grandiose and arrogant to some, but few can legitimately put these claims to rest because they are so cross referenced and intertwined with primordial patterns of such simplicity.

Since emptiness and fullness come together at this stage, and it is the second non-dual state stage, there isn't much of an emptiness stage here like there is in the other three MetAware stages. All the while, however a new self is building in the background: the Witness which sees with eyes outside of all bodies and can Witness this non duality that you can see upon reflection. This is the last stage of the MetAware tier and the last stage with research support before the non-dual tier, which, if iterating patterns continue to hold, the last two non-dual stages and all four Awakening stages will arise.

People experiencing this stage

  • Realize interpenetration: Interiors and exteriors come together as seeing and understanding MetAware projections and introjections of Mind.
  • See the Mind's construction of reality and can prioritize Worlds.
  • Situate in space and time that is infinite and eternal interpenetrating with spaceless and timeless.
  • Are Kosmic-centric and interpenetrative. Can prioritize Worlds.
  • Embrace everything and nothing
  • Are adept at creating shared visions that encourage both personal and collective transformations across different levels of development through multiple tiers and Worlds.
  • Can appear fundamentalist in their Kosmic views.


Not enough experience with this level to recommend psychological processes and interventions.