General Stage 5.5

5.5 Stage of Development (Transpersonal)

MetAware. Individual.Active

The 5.5 stage is an active stage where wanting and having, has an immanence focus (mind/body/spirit). This is a MetAware iteration of concrete 1.5 (Opportunist), and subtle 3.5 (Achiever) stages so you may experience many of the qualities that are seen in those stages here, but in a new evolved form, except, rather than concrete and subtle objects, you bring Awareness to the MetAware objects of fullness and awareness itself. At this point, watching your awareness has become so ordinary that it automatically operates. You clearly see the subtle ego and in this you can be genuinely humble even as you may appear arrogant to some, for the Metaware ego, which knows how to consciously construct, is present, but out of one's capacity to see it.

At the early part of this stage, you now consciously "have" constructs and constructing, rather than being "had by" them, so you see how constructions reify into form, however unconscious and unintended by most people. Most importantly, you see how constructing is the most fundamental creative act and want to develop these constructions consciously, often for the benefit of all. Thus you have extraordinary capacities to bend, twist, redefine, construct, reconstruct, prioritize/categorize constructions, and to see unusual connections between very disparate fields, and these can be amalgamated together in such a way that there is an entirely new form created such that the initial representations are unrecognizable. This prodigeous capacity is often seen as a magic kind of solution to some of the world's greatest struggles - this magical feel has grown up from 1.5 magic (my rabbits foot will magically and universally bring me luck), iterated into 3.5 (science can magically and universally get me to my goal) and you may experience this tendency again here at the MetAware 5.5 stage (creating and reifying conscious constructions that are useful to humanity and the world will magically and Universally solve humanity's problems).

These approaches are not a "mixed methods" approach but a fully integrated new form, which you are usually quite passionate about. This often takes an outer focus — you may want to create and teach your own work, which you may "own" as universally "right" or valuable. This is a result of the capacity to see and know incredible spans of knowledge and experience on concrete, subtle and constructed levels, in many fields and contexts. As well you may feel you are through with being taught but now want to be the teacher.

But at this stage you may not have the capacity to know that some may see your own MetAware capacities in return; others may have those same knowing capacities, and indeed, can likely see things that you can't and don't yet see in yourself. Thus you may experience the need to have others agree on your definition of reality (particularly related to your area of passion), before proceeding with a conversation, and they may also demand the same. Your own constructed knowing is foregrounded and when others point out possible errors or flaws you may argue for your point of view or simply agree to disagree. This quality might be thought of as a kind of constructed parallel play. This quality relates to the sense of one's belief in a universally right (constructed) answer, related to your field or interest, which you see. Additionally, lack of an awareness of Mataware reciprocity along with the encompassing drive to order an extraordinary creative world through consciously reified constructions, may lead to a passion to single handedly develop constructions that can bridge gaps in humanity's unconscious creations.

You may get so caught up in the reification of your passion that you may forget that what you have created is still and always your constructing mind at work. In time, however you take a step back and recognize your creations are as empty and constructed as any other. At this point you enter into the empty phase of this stage where there is a profound letting go, although Awareness as your identity is still very present. This letting go isn't painful, but more of a quiet resting in the empty Awareness of awareness where you recognize that everything just "is." At this stage a profound experience of peace can set in as one lets go into an experience of self and being arising out of a deep sense of acceptance. Acting arises naturally in response to the moment and an openhearted compassionate presence is brought to all of life. Still, there is a sense of an 'I' and a possibility of letting go into something beyond the individual MetAware self. This happens with the discovery of how the mind constructs time.

People experiencing this stage

  • See an either/or choice in MatAware constructions - decision-making capacities around construction and reification are mature.>
  • Can project self into other's Awareness of their awareness and imagine what the other will be experiencing, so they may believe they know the "truth" of their own and other's constructions.
  • Tend not to recognize that there are others who can stand in "my" Awareness of awareness shoes in return. May feel unseen or misunderstood.
  • Construct, bend, twist, redefine, reconstruct, prioritize/categorize words and social boundaries.
  • Invents entirely new models, frames, ideas, experiences, meditations, etc., from an amalgam of other singular models. Can see connections and consciously constructed meta-perspectives where others don't.
  • Wants to do it themselves, create their novel work and may spend hours, weeks, months perfecting the elegance of their work.
  • Operate in a time frame that is both historic and eventually become aware of the constructed nature of time.
  • Operates in a space of all concrete and subtle contexts as they interface.
  • Value the elegance and usability of their constructions.
  • Universalizes their constructions as "the truth." May be unaware of their MetAware assumptions, which still hold limiting beliefs that were formed at earlier levels.
  • Accepts feedback, especially if it helps them to improve their constructions, however they can equally feel not seen by critiques.
  • Values collective work especially if it constructs new expressions and containers into which others can evolve.
  • Sees infinite constructable options and are able to prioritize them
  • May struggle with balancing work, family, play, for they are so passionate about their inventions and explorations.