Business Stage 5.5

5.5 Stage of Development (Transpersonal) Up-shift from 1.5 and 3.5 Achiever

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these gifts

  • See an either/or choice in mind based constructions - decision-making capacities around construction and reification are mature.
  • Can project self into other's Awareness of their awareness and imagine what the other will be experiencing, so they may believe they know the "truth" of their own and other's made up reality.
  • Make up, construct, bend, twist, redefine, reconstruct, prioritize/categorize words and boundaries.
  • Invents entirely new models, frames, ideas, experiences, meditations, etc., from an mixture of other singular models. Can see connections and consciously constructed meta-perspectives where others cannot.
  • While they work well with others, for their project, they want to do it themselves, create their novel work and may spend hours, weeks, months perfecting the elegance of their work.
  • Operate in a time frame that is both historic and aware of the constructed nature of time.
  • Operates in a space of all concrete and subtle contexts as they interface.
  • Value the elegance and usability of their constructions.
  • Universalizes their constructions as "the truth." Accepts feedback, especially if it helps them to improve their creative constructions. Values collective work especially if it constructs new expressions and containers into which others can evolve.
  • Sees infinite creative options and are able to plan them, carry them out, reify them and prioritize them
  • High Tolerance for "as is".

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these Challenges

  • May struggle with balancing work, family, play, for they are so passionate about their inventions and explorations.
  • May be unaware of their delicate assumptions and either/or thinking.
  • Tend not to recognize that there are others who can see their complexity. May feel unseen or misunderstood.
  • They can feel unseen by critiques.
  • Concern about ego, humility and arrogance

Transpersonal Tools: Meta-modeling