Business Stage 5.0

The 5.0 Stage of Development (Construct Aware) Up-shift from 1.0 and 3.0 Expert.

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these gifts

  • Are learning the contours of their aware body: who is this Awareness of awareness?
  • May see leadership as an illusion–made up story.
  • Operate in a time frame that is historic but tend be grounded to be in the moment.
  • Move in a space that includes all concrete and subtle thinking, feeling and relationship and behavior.
  • See options for action as infinite, including no action.
  • Are Aware of awareness, which brings expertise with the constructed nature of individual experience.
  • May have early flashes of seeing their subtle ego, so may have confusion about arrogance and humility.
  • New awareness of interior and causal, letting go and recognizing this new identity, so their exterior work may be backgrounded.
  • Sees how individuals story their own words and boundaries

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these challenges

  • May have trouble settling into this new identity so may change jobs, move, dissolve partnerships
  • Receives a multitude of mind based constructions, stories, illusionary recognitions but can't prioritize amongst them
  • May struggle with meaning making
  • May "blurt" and use raw language

Construct Aware Tools: Letting go; seeing constructed definitions and boundaries