Business Stage 4.5

The 4.5 Stage of Development (Strategist) Up-Shift from 2.5 Conformist

Leaders experiencing this stage often have these gifts:

  • Become skilled facilitators. Often not seen as a "boss".
  • Principles ethics used to guide themselves and the entire organization.
  • See how contexts shape people and situations from the outside.
  • Can see that some environments, containers and systems are better than others.
  • Focus on one's own and others development in order to increase their capacity to work with complex contexts and systems and serve their purpose.
  • Sees into the long future: Operate in a time frame that encompasses past and future generations.
  • Work as hard as their employees
  • Have dynamic relationships.
  • Sees the big picture: Situated in a space that includes sentient and planetary concerns.
  • They can prioritize approaches for the benefit of humanity, the planet, and all life.
  • Embrace paradox and projections as unavoidable.
  • Adept at creating complex adaptive systems and containers that support the shaping of different developmental visions, resulting in personal and collective transformations across different levels of development.
  • Seek feedback as essential to development.
  • Understands that communication includes projections, but sees them upon reflection.
  • Sees developmental rights-the right to be developmentally at whatever stage one occupies as long as they aren't hurting anyone else (a guiding principle).
  • Highly effective change agents
  • Can handle resistance to change
  • Authentic

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these challenges

  • Excessive pressure to develop vertically
  • May appear as a "know it all"
  • Can't see projections in the moment.

Strategist Tools: Developmental models; adaptability and agility