Business Stage 4.0

4.0 Stage of Development (Pluralist) Up-shift from 2.0 Rule Oriented.

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts

  • It's about a subtle "we".
  • Experience subtle both/and mindset so encourages reciprocity.
  • Foreground collective collaboration and inclusiveness, yet allows independence.
  • Learns from others, and develops self, and others
  • Engage those they lead non-hierarchically: Not a "boss"
  • See others potential, so they challenge and motivate those they work with
  • Visionary, and can see many perspectives, but doesn't prioritize them
  • Sees how self and others are shaped by their contexts, and thus all ideas and knowledge is relative.
  • Can give feedback and empower others.
  • Tend to support emotional development
  • Experience a time frame that includes parent and children's lifetime; 10+ years forward and back, yet oriented to the "now."
  • Embraces all sentient life. Context awareness may lead you to protect environment.
  • Aware of assumptions, interpretations, ambiguity, paradoxes, judgments, intuitions, internal voices, subtle energies, which may take on a life of their own.
  • Work with complex adaptive systems non-hierarchically
  • Values diversity of viewpoint.
  • Welcome feedback as necessary for self-knowledge and to uncover aspects of their subtle self which others can see and share.
  • Seek to discover and be their authentic self: challenge assumptions, expectations, and societal conventions.
  • Aware

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these challenges

  • Can't easily prioritize contexts
  • Process is foregrounded over goal orientation
  • Gets mired down in decision making. Everyone gets a voice
  • Excessive meetings
  • Everyone is equal so may have trouble with assessing accountability.
  • Overly permissive

Pluralist Tools: Non-Violent Communication; Appreciative Inquiry; Dialogue; collaboration.