Business Stage 3.5

The 3.5 Stage of Development (Achiever) Up-shift from 1.5 Egocentric.

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts

  • Individual initiative.
  • See subtle choices (plans, ideas). Subtle decision-making capacities are mature.
  • Are goal oriented and hold expectations for those they lead
  • Support those they lead to grow and learn for themselves
  • Lead by example and plays to people's strengths
  • Allow independence but holds others accountable
  • Are understanding while giving direction
  • Give those they lead some freedom to make decisions
  • Can project self into other's shoes and imagine what they will be experiencing,
  • Can agree to disagree.
  • Can employ linear strategic thinking: knowing about thinking and feeling. Planning, and analysis arises.
  • Operate in a time frame of one-five years or more into future.
  • Allows for deductive reasoning, hypothesizing and goal setting.
  • Experience a space that includes all of us: thus social justice appears and matures.
  • Value effectiveness and efficiency more than perfection (80/20 rule).
  • Sees progress and the perfectibility of human-kind through the scientific method.
  • Accept feedback, especially if it helps them to achieve their goals and to improve.
  • Values teamwork, for that gets them to their goal.
  • Subtle ownership thus copyrights, patents, branding.
  • See infinite options and are able to prioritize best ones.
  • Sees the play of opposites: "I experience both fear and delight".
  • Focused

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these challenges

  • Tend not to recognize when others see you subtly in return (can't see reciprocally).
  • Thus they talk "at" subtly rather than "with".
  • Work along side of others in a subtle way.
  • Can't see contextually
  • Struggle with balancing work, family, and play.

Achiever Leadership Tools: Management by Objectives, Strategic Planning, Balanced Scorecard; Quantitative Science; Consensus