Business Stage 3.0

3.0 Stage of Development (Expert). Up-shift from 1.0 Impulsive

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts.

  • Focus on new interior self-they are exploring "Who am I within".
  • Can be enterprising and creative, but will operate from inside their own work scope.
  • Desire and demand for their individual rights to be protected.
  • Begin to get a sense of what others are thinking and feeling, seeing as if "I am you."
  • Strive for perfection (110%) so may be attracted to management in technical areas.
  • Begin to understand how power and control can come from subtle ideas, knowledge, reasoning and ability.
  • Operate in a time frame that includes the past, present and months into future.
  • Some awareness of the next 1-3 years, but tend to be "now" oriented.

Leaders at this stage tend to have these challenges

  • They tend to upstage others with their ideas.
  • They may micro-manage.
  • Often aren't team-oriented.
  • Have a multitude of ideas and options for action, but can have difficulty prioritizing them.
  • Takes feedback personally, defends their position, and dismisses feedback from non-experts.

Tools for the Expert: Brainstorming: perfectionism; mentoring from an expert in their field.