Business Stage 2.5

2.5 Stage of Development (Conformist)

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts.

  • Expect loyalty, responsibility, and respect; qualities which they model.
  • Can delay gratification and anticipate consequences.
  • See a hierarchy of rules; some rules are more vital to follow than others and consequences to breaking them are dependent on the priority of the rule.
  • They know that others see them in return. Thus, it is important to behave in a way that looks good to others.
  • Lead in their own family, company, community, country
  • Motivates through a sense of purpose, ranking, image, and keeping up with the Jones'.
  • Led by attachment to their nation, and to their belief system.
  • Have a time frame that includes today and the past. They follow tradition because they know what to expect

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these challenges.

  • Operate with "If it was me, I would - " rather than "If I were "you" I would…"
  • Operate in space that is ethnocentric - anyone outside of their identified group is suspicious.
  • May ignore feedback, for they can't admit to anything that would make them look bad to others
  • Are unable to give critical feedback to others in their social group, making them look bad.
  • May use guilt and shame to motivate
  • Autocratic. Enforces group conventions on followers and follows conventions.
  • Excessive bureaucracy and hierarchy
  • Feel safe when they know what to expect-that arises out of stable rules, beliefs and norms.
  • Prioritize the concrete, so they tend to like small groups, hierarchy, and a leader who accepts clear authority to tell people what to do.
  • They cannot yet project into the future.

Conformist Tools: Concrete reasoning, Rules, rewards and punishments