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Later Stages of Development

These later stages are extraordinarily rare at this point in history. These last two stages, which embody the sixth person perspective, are especially rare. It is important, just the same, to know they exist and that they are in a very real sense, just as ordinary as any other stage of development.

6.0. Stage of Development (Higher Mind) Upshift from 2.0 and 4.0 Pluralist

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts

  • Embody a reciprocal relationship with everything
  • Experience how self, others, and everything are constructed by the whole of manifestation.
  • Situate everything in infinite space and eternal time.
  • Unify opposites
  • Are aware of communication with the whole of things and may receive instantaneous downloads of universal ideas
  • Prefers working collaboratively, and may engage in leaderless, leading.
  • Leadership isn't confined to any organization or collective.
  • They may not be seen as leaders, even though they lead.
  • Experience is In-the-moment.
  • Welcome the understanding and dissolution of all projections to free themselves.
  • View from inside the whole of the Whole.
  • Likely to have unitive experiences

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these Challenges

  • Can't easily prioritize since sees only one whole, thus has horizontal views
  • All beliefs are acceptable as long as it fits within a universal frame

6.5 Stage of Development (Illumined) Up-shift from 2.5 and 4.5 Strategist.

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these gifts


  • Realize interpenetration and mind as projection
  • May have great anonymous leadership affects
  • See the Minds' construction of all reality.
  • Situate and prioritize in space and time that is infinite and eternal interpenetrating with spaceless and timeless.
  • Can prioritize Worlds of matter, all life and human world, and sees the minds projection on them.
  • Can find leverage pinpoints in the three-matter, life and mind- and make a difference with very little action.
  • Embrace everything and nothing
  • Are adept at creating constructed containers that hold the visions of all thee worlds and their multiple tiers and their collective transformations.

Leaders experiencing this stage may have these Challenges

  • Can appear fundamentalist. They "know"