Business Early Stages

1.5 Stage of Development (Ego-Centric)

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these gifts:

  • It’s all about me…
  • Action oriented
  • Are in touch with concrete desires
  • Can make choices between concrete things - I will choose what I want!
  • Want to do it themselves, now!
  • Can have a normal, or even high level of intelligence.

Leaders experiencing this stage tend to have these challenges:

  • It’s all about me…
  • Wants to gratify impulses and sensorial desires immediately.
  • Think others see only what they see.
  • Are confused between what is yours and what is mine.
  • May not understand the concept of stealing.
  • Thus, they may feel no guilt or remorse for others they have harmed
  • Can’t take a perspective on themselves, so feedback may be frightening to them.
  • Express power as fight, flight, or freeze.
  • From their view, they get what they want, or get away from what they don’t want.
  • Tends to work along side of others rather than "with" others.
  • Talking "at" rather than "with".
  • Can’t easily visualize the past so don’t learn from past experiences.
  • Can’t visualize the future so can’t imagine consequences.
  • Actions are only "bad" if caught.

Egocentric Tools: Exterior Senses