October 18, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm PT

Online Course

STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching is an 8-week online course for professional psychotherapists and coaches (life and business), and other professionals who give guidance to people in a professional context (mentors, facilitators, counselors, spiritual guides, healers, etc.). The course is intended to give you a solid grounding in the STAGES model and its application in therapy and coaching.

The course includes:

  • Eight two-hour course session in live video with Terri and Kim. Each session will consist of 60-75 minutes of teaching and presentations plus interactive exercises and Q&A with Terri and Kim.
  • High quality video and audio recordings of each session for viewing and downloading
  • A PDF transcript of each session, and at the end of the course a professional quality compilation of all transcripts in PDF format
  • A 51 page textbook in PDF format written by Terri and Kim
  • A “course reader,” a collection of articles and papers in PDF format that will be assigned readings during the course
  • A private Facebook group for students to share their experience of the course and its application. Terri and Kim regularly participate in the group.
  • A private “course home page” that contains all course information, study and practice assignments, recordings, transcripts.

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