We’re excited to announce that our new program, STAGES Certification for Psychotherapy & Coaching, will begin in 2018. In this program participants will learn to master the application of the STAGES model of human development to psychotherapy and coaching. It is taught by Terri O’Fallon PhD, the originator of the STAGES model, and Kim Barta MA, a psychotherapist who has pioneered applications of the model in psychotherapy.

The certification program consists of:

Course of Study

Two back-to-back 6-month online courses taught by us:

STAGES Diagnostics:
Starts March 14, 2018
STAGES Intervention:
Starts September 5, 2018

Each course is assessed by checking to see that the participant meets required criterion. To progress to the next step in this certification, one must meet the required criterion which is shared before the course begins and tracked along the way so the participant knows each month where they stand in relationship to the criterion.


One Year of individual supervision by Kim:

Upon successful completion of the Diagnostics and Intervention courses participants will have one year of individual supervision by Kim in applying STAGES in your professional practice. Supervision is expected to begin soon after STAGES Intervention ends.

Successful completion of the two courses and supervision will lead to a certificate as either a STAGES certified therapist, counselor or coach.


Successful completion of a STAGES Essentials 8-week online course or participation in any STAGES in-person workshop of three or more days within the last three years

Completion of a STAGES Assessment with debrief within the last 3 years, or a new one if you sense your old inventory no longer represents your current stage. The STAGES Assessment identifies your core stage of development within the STAGES model. It is essential for therapists and coaches who are using the model in their practice to understand their own developmental level. The assessment must be completed before the start of the first course. (You can register without taking it as long as you complete it before the first course begins.) Please visit this page for more information and to order an assessment plus debrief.


Therapists: License required

Coaches: Certification preferred but not required

Other: The certification program is open to counselors who give guidance to others in a professional context; including mentors, facilitators, mediators, spiritual guides, religious counselors, etc. Certification in your particular field is preferred but not required.

You must be actively working in your profession seeing clients because skills can be lost if not used.

Please contact us if you have questions about the program.