We are thrilled to be collaborating with Lower Lights School of Wisdom for an upcoming four part retreat in beautiful Scholls, Oregon that starts in May 2019. SPECTRA: A 9-Month Journey of Transformation is an experiential training program that deeply engages consciousness, personal and collective evolution, and service to the world. The curriculum draws from ancient Wisdom traditions, cutting edge psychological science and transformational group processes. Learn More




Whether you are a committed meditator, social justice activist, soul reaching beyond the borders of traditional religions, an audacious entrepreneur, or simply a profoundly curious being, we are committed to help you dive deeper, reach broader and ascend higher in this journey of becoming. We are here to challenge you, guide you, and lend a helping hand in a community of peers. We are committed to supporting you to more fully realize the endless possibilities of a precious human birth. Learn More

  • Do you feel called to live life from a deeper, more authentic place?
  • Would you like to be a part of a community that both challenges and supports you, all in service of your evolutionary growth
  • Do you seek a path that honors the gifts of your tradition (or non-tradition) while being open to all truth?
  • Are you eager to engage trusted guides, mentors and elders who have walked the path of waking up and growing up?

SPECTRA Program Faculty

STAGES International partner, researcher, teacher, coach, and spiritual director Terri O’Fallon PhD.
Kim Barta who specializes in sacred secular experiential training, advanced consciousness coaching and facilitating the natural unfolding of human development.
Founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom, Thomas McConkie who has studied broadly across the traditions: from Hindu mantra meditation, Zen and Vipassana in the Buddhist Wisdom stream, to the school of Integral, Developmental Psychology, and his native tradition, Mormonism.
John Kessler is a social activist who leads the Salt Lake/Global Civil Network which does integrally informed social and political transformation work locally and networks globally.

Do you seek to deepen your capacity for meditative awareness and presence in the world?

SPECTRA Program Structure

• 9 months in duration (starting May 2019)
• Four onsite retreats at Scholls Lodge in beautiful Scholls, Oregon (near Portland)
• An intimate cohort limited to 20 participants
• Ongoing online support, group gatherings, individual mentoring, and cohort learning
• Intersession lessons, readings, online tutorials, guided spiritual contemplations, and deepening techniques.

Are you ready to expand your container of consciousness?

Application deadline: January 15th, 2019

Visit Lower Lights School of Wisdom for more information – https://lowerlightsslc.org/spectra