Heidi Helm

heidi@heidihelm.com heidihelm.com My interests and background lie in graphic and web design, which is the round-about way I came to the world of development. Returning to university in 2008, I completed a Masters Degree in Integral Theory at John F Kennedy University....

Gretchen Suarez

email: gretchensuarez@gmail.com Psychotherapist

Thomas Arnold

tdarnold@protonmail.com I offer compassionate coaching that supports insight, healing, and development. Sliding scale payment. Remote sessions for anywhere in the world.

Sterling Harris

+1 703-493-1408 email: sterling@resurgenthinking.com thecoachingview.com Your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. If you want to change your level of success and happiness on the outside, you will first need to change it on the inside. This...

Laura Johnson

arisinginsights.com As a scorer and certified practitioner of STAGES, my coaching practice has deepened in how I help clients move through personal challenges and transitions. I coach individuals through life transitions, guiding them to access their inner wisdom as...