Susan Robins

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I am a leadership development coach, with many years experience of working with clients in corporates, professional services and high growth environments. Having a background at a senior level in financial services and the travel industry, means that I understand the pressures of disruptive change and key issues in the business world. Passionate about development, I am absolutely committed to enabling leaders to learn, grow and transform, as they uncover unique solutions to their challenging issues.

Inspired by my appreciation for the STAGES framework, I now approach my practice with more awareness and precision: to identify the issues and specific inventions to support resolution; to deepen and expand my clients’ capacity to be more agile and to act from broader perspectives; and to open up emerging, innovative opportunities in the face of complexity. Purposeful coaching, designed to achieve a sustainable impact and deliver value.

Outside my coaching practice I enjoy art and have an adventurous spirit, with a passion for the sea, our oceans and sailing.



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August 8, 2019