Siegfried Falter


Through my own life trajectory and story I became interested in human psychological development and discovered the STAGES system in 2015. As I studied Physics and Astrophysics in the first place, I am fascinated by symmetries in this Universe, so STAGES was very attractive for me as it offers a beautiful regular measurable description of the human psyche. In addition, I learned and discovered many new facets about me and where I am in my unfolding life while I studied this system. In the end, I am happy to have been able to become a certified scorer and debriefer.

And I can warmly encourage anybody interested in an assessment to take it and obtain self-insights, clues about possible next steps and a clear articulation of where you are and will head to in your life. I am happy to serve you as a STAGES scorer and debriefer.

By the way, I am also a certified Integral Master Coach(TM) trained by Integral Coaching Canada. If you have a burning life topic that you want to tackle with a coach, please reach out to me for an introductory chat. I am on fire to work for a healthier expression of ourselves and for helping to bring about change as well as development if the time is ripe. A combination of a STAGES assessment with a specific coaching program can also be helpful and powerful to bring you more fulfilment, happiness and balance for yourself and in your relationships. I would love to serve you on your path.


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November 12, 2020