Meinrad Rohner

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Finding peace with ever more aspects of our inner life and expressing this experience in personal evolution and in making a difference in the world is what I consider my orientation. In such processes I support people as a life and conflict counselor, giving them the space and the safety to explore their experiences and their actions, helping them to digest the pains and heal the wounds in their life, release hindering implantations, deepen their relationships, clarify projects, find purpose and the courage to show up. The main means is an intimate encounter in dialogue either in my office, over the phone or via video communication. In the common exploration we find ever wider circles of receiving and acting, creativity and growth, wonder and stillness, embrace and compassion, reciprocity and communion.

I have a background in economics (PhD), I am trained thoroughly in person-centered counseling and in teaching the Alexander technique, I have immersed myself in integral theory and practice, and since some years I am in the process of a deep study and integration of the Stages model into my counseling practice. Furthermore, my blindness has been a particularly faithful teacher in my life. I live and work in Maintal near Frankfurt in Germany and my first language is German.


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June 4, 2019