Karsten Skipper

Karsten Skipper is psychotherapist as well as a free-lance lecturer and teacher in the fields of integral practice, and history of Ideas. His passion is to explore and inspire new ways to connect knowing, feeling and being in at time of global crisis and possibility.

While studying for his Master of Arts at the University of Aarhus in the mid 90-ties the writings of Ken Wilber, Shri Aurobindo and other integral thinkers inspired Karsten to take up a wide range integral practices including Process Work, mindfulness and other types of meditation. His has been a certifies psychotherapist since 2013 and completed his STAGES certification for psychotherapists in 2019. In his work with individuals, couples and groups Karsten relies on a deep respect for the natural ability of the psyche of the client to show the way. As expressed through the principle from Process Work stating that the solution is often hidden within the problem.

Karsten lives with his wife and kids in an intentional community (Vækstcenteret – Center for Growth) in the countryside of Denmark and loves to spend time in nature.


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October 30, 2020