Heiko Veit

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email: hvt@heiko-veit.de
phone: +49 1773401338

In my opinion the world has become too complex for the easy answers … to be honest, I think it’s even too complex for the easy questions … and this is where I get interested.

My work is inspired by the question of what we humans can cultivate within ourselves, between ourselves, in organizations and communities so that we can make a positive contribution to the world in a lively and fulfilled way.

I design, guide, supervise and run organizational change and transformation processes.
I train and supervise coaches, consultants and therapists both in personal unfolding and in professionalizing in their roles.
I work with individuals in the area of development and unfolding in all dimensions.
And as STAGES Instructor under supervision I offer STAGES trainings in german.

I’m curious about the questions that concern you… and on my homepage you’ll find various possibilities to make an appointment with me… or just send me a mail or call me. 😉


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August 19, 2020