Heidi Helm


My interests and background lie in graphic and web design, which is the round-about way I came to the world of development. Returning to university in 2008, I completed a Masters Degree in Integral Theory at John F Kennedy University. I had no idea exactly how I would use this knowledge, and also I knew I could apply it to any field or topic, even if that meant a shift from the world of design and marketing. I’ve always been fascinated by why humans do what we do—what motivates our behavior and our tendency to change. On the continuing trail of my integral studies, I found myself drawn to Terri’s STAGES model and discovered a lens that brought my experience of the world into much clearer focus. As I’ve journeyed, traipsing and tripping along the way, my desire is to act as sherpa for others on the path—using my experience and that of others, to sweeten the developmental fertilizer that nourishes this embodied life.

As a certified scorer and debriefer, I help assess and guide development. Together, we draw on your strengths and preferences to get the most out of your journey. Learning about the composition of cognition and awareness creates a lasting stability in this brilliant, complex and challenging world—affording you a sense of freedom and acceptance as you trek.

No mud, no lotus. ~Thich Nhat Hanh


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February 24, 2021