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Developmental Teaching for Educators 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

11 a.m. US Mountain Standard Time 

Anyone who has children or has spent time with them knows that their capacity to take perspectives evolves over time — which has huge implications for how we teach and how they learn. We obviously don’t teach kindergartners the same way we teach kids in secondary school, nor teach them the way we do incoming university freshman. 

While many educators — parents, homeschoolers, coaches — have an implicit understanding of development and what to do and not to do based on the ages of our students, most of us do not use an overtly developmental lens. Terri will explain how much more is possible in education and learning when we do use such an overt lens. 

Terri will discuss how we can: 

  • Learn the differences between major stages of development
  • See how these line up with the ages of the children, young adults, or adults we might be teaching 
  • Notice that as a teacher, you also have a developmental level that may or may not match your students. 
  • Even if we work with adults, we almost certainly have two or three major developmental levels in those we’re teaching, which has implications for how learning can happen 
  • Use the model for all kinds of educators from coaches to parents (and not just those teaching at the primary, secondary, or university level)