SWS20 – STAGES Winter Series 2020 – Who am I? Assessments that Inform


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Who Am I? Assessments That Inform

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

11 a.m. US Mountain Standard Time 

A stage is a coherent and internally consistent belief system that describes how someone is likely to think, feel, and behave in various life situations. The STAGES Assessment identifies a core stage of perspective development. This is the level from which we consistently make meaning of life’s experiences. 

An assessment helps you or your client to understand a stage’s themes, including interior thinking and emotion, actions and collective experiences, and ways to approach the balance between these aspects of life. 

Join STAGES founder Terri O’Fallon for an exploration of what this tool can make possible.  

  • Terri breaks down the science of the assessment process  
  • She explains what an assessment can and cannot do 
  • Through examples, she shows how an assessment can help us understand if we’re facing shadow challenges, horizontal skills challenges, or growth challenges. 
  • She also will talk about how one can be trained to do assessments and the debriefing of their results