SWS20 – STAGES Winter Series 2020 – 3 Kinds of Shadow and Their Resolution


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3 Kinds of Shadow and Their Resolution 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

11 a.m. US Mountain Standard Time 

You have heard of psychological shadow, but do you know the 3 kinds of shadow? And each one of these shadows can be seen and experienced from a developmental perspective. 

As we develop through the stages of ego growth, all of us can develop and then seal off shadow elements of our psyche. This can have profound implications for our relationships, vocation, creativity, and even our capacity for further growth. 

Join Kim Barta as he walks us through the 3 kinds of shadows and their dynamics throughout the developmental spectrum, plus: 

  • Learn about shadow and shadow origins
  • Discover how shadow issues of the past affect your here and now life
  • Understand the evolution of shadow
  • Uncover the principles behind how and why we keep returning to the same shadow issue we thought we previously resolved.
  • Get a sneak peak into the evolution of shadow resolution.
    • What are the steps to resolving shadow (not just identifying it).
    • How to move beyond the issues that keep “triggering” you.
    • Understanding what a “shadow” crash is and how to recognize and resolve it.
    • Where are you along the journey to resolving shadow. 
  • Where are you on your personal and spiritual developmental path. 
  • How you can recognize your potentials and move into healthy levels of development.