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SWS20 – STAGES Winter Series 2020 – Developmentally-Informed Meditation | STAGES International

SWS20 – STAGES Winter Series 2020 – Developmentally-Informed Meditation


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Developmentally-Informed Meditation 

Transforming through Ego Development

With Kim Barta, MA  

Wednesday, January 8

11 a.m. US Mountain Standard Time 

Often we deal with psychological shadow by crashing down into it. We turn from a mature adult into a reactive teenager, for instance, when something comes at us in life. What happens when we use mediation to proactively address these shadow issues? What would it be like to reformulate our early years from a healthy perspective?

As we develop we gain wisdom, but often we leave behind vast amounts of unclaimed potential as we grow up and mature, which can both lead to “shadow crashes” and to unclaimed potential. Imagine capturing new wisdom and energy from our developmental past — and infusing it into our passionate now.

Join Kim Barta as he takes us on a journey of healing and vitalizing all of our stages of consciousness — from long forgotten but still present perspectives we once inhabited.

  • Discover forgotten capabilities and unrealized passions.
  • Re-invigorate your foundational consciousness.
  • Experience the healing power of developmentally-informed meditations.
  • Gain wisdom in understanding the difference between standard meditations and developmentally-informed meditations. (And the benefits and limitations of each.) 
  • Gain an understanding of how shadows develop at certain developmental stages.
  • See how “going back down” into earlier stages can free up emotional and spiritual energy. 
  • Learn how this practice can deepen and strengthen your meditation practices 

This offering is unlike anything available.

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