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SSS20 – STAGES Summer Series – States and STAGES Comp | STAGES International

SSS20 – STAGES Summer Series – States and STAGES Comp


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Wednesday, August 5
12:00 pm US Mountain Standard Time

How do we “grow up” into more and more complex ways of viewing the world?

In this session, Terri will share with us some of her latest work on the interpenetration of States and Stages. There are three areas to focus on as we move through each stage:

  1. States are necessary but not sufficient for a shift to the next stage.
  2. Confusions occur at some point in every stage. Once the confusions are cleared up, one reaches the full maturity of the stage.
  3. We need to turn the stage back on itself In order to mature to the next state which ushers in the entry to the new stage (step one above).

We all grow up through developmental stages throughout our lives but most of us don’t realize that at each stage we encounter at least one distinctive confusion. In order to move to the next stage, we have to stare that confusion in the face and untangle it.

Developmental confusions are only one of the three areas that help states and stages integrate at every developmental level from 1.0 infant to 6.5 Illumined.

In this cutting-edge talk, Terri will discuss:

  • How development progresses from infancy through the latest stages of development known to us
  • How do we recognize the confusion we are in?
  • What we can do to further our development
  • The implications of balancing our psychological development with our spiritual insight at each stage
  • Practices we can undertake to foster our own growth into and through the highest stages of development

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