SIS20 – Shadow into Soul 2020 FP Two Installments

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Shadow into Soul 2020:

Will help you discover:

  • How to move beyond the issues that keep triggering you
  • Where exactly are you on your personal and spiritual developmental path
  • How you can recognize your potentials and move into healthy levels of development

The Course will consist of:

  • Eight 90-minute course sessions with Terri and Kim
  • 6 LIVE, one-hour Q&As with Terri or Kim about the material
  • 2 LIVE, one-hour Q&A’s with Terri AND Kim (the first and the last Q&A)
  • A dedicated online channel to talk to each other, practice, ask questions, and find support
  • Transcripts and recordings of the live calls for you to keep
    PDF handout of the materials