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Participants in Kim Barta’s online course, Shadow Craft: Dancing with the Demons, who did not participate in the earlier Shadow Patterns course, are eligible to purchase the recordings and transcripts of Shadow Patterns at a reduced rate.

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Kim covered the the essentials of his approach to Shadow work in the Shadow Patterns course, but he didn’t expect that the response to it would be so enthusiastic. So he decided to offer a new course, Shadow Craft, a 5-week course that will cover a broader range of Shadow work.

Shadow Patterns is not a prerequisite to Shadow Craft, which mainly introduces new Shadow work techniques. So not having taken Shadow Patterns won’t impede your experience of Shadow Craft. However, you will find the content of Shadow Patterns to be very rich and very complementary to Shadow Craft.

The Shadow Patterns course covers:

    • The three classes of shadow:
      • Projection
      • Introjection
      • Split ego states
    • How each class of shadow must be worked with differently
    • Understand the sequential evolutionary steps to resolving shadow issues
    • The best techniques to use for each class of shadow and the specific steps in your healing process
    • How using a technique that works well for one class of shadow may actually be harmful in working with another class

Every shadow healing technique is usually adaptive to only one class of shadow. In addition, each technique is generally only sufficient for one or two steps along the path of shadow resolution. That path is:

  1. Unaware
  2. Aware of symptoms
  3. Aware of external triggers
  4. Aware of one’s internal process*
  5. Conscious conceptualization*

Each step has substeps to it and specific ways that help and /or hinder it. The intersection between classes of shadow issues and the sequential evolutionary pattern will give you a comprehensive map for understanding what to do and when to do it in the process of discovering and resolving your shadow.

The recordings of Shadow Patterns include:

  • Video and audio recordings of the five teaching sessions and a Q&A session held at the end of the course
  • Transcripts of all sessions in PDF format

The price for the recordings is $349. After your purchase is completed you will receive an email with links to download the recordings to your computer. (We don’t recommend downloading to a phone or tablet, as they usually don’t have enough storage space.)

You’ll find it most helpful if you review the recordings before the Shadow Craft course begins, but you can purchase them at any time during the course.

Privacy Notice: This offer is only for participants in the Shadow Craft course who have NOT taken the Shadow Patterns course so please do not share it. Thanks for your support.

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