Shadow Patterns: The Evolution of Shadow Resolution 2019-Holiday


Deepening Your Shadow Resolution Work—at Every Level of Your Development



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One of the strengths of the STAGES Model is how well it shows that every shadow has a development level—even the later levels. STAGES is extraordinarily good at pinpointing these levels, which is essential for the healing process. This approach to shadow is part of all of the STAGES trainings we offer.

Although being able to pinpoint the level of your shadow is essential, full resolution of shadow issues often requires an even more nuanced approach that can deal with the particulars of how the shadow came to be created but then hidden from conscious awareness. Not just shadow rooted in early childhood, but also shadow that arises at later stages. This is especially important if you are on a spiritual path because shadow associated with later stages is usually more subtle. And there may be a tendency to believe that resolution of lower level shadow issues is the end of shadow work. This blind spot can create much difficulty as we evolve into later stages.