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At some point in our development we realize that we have a Shadow, a part of our being that is below the level of awareness and that operates in our life in ways that can hold back our development and even cause a lot of suffering. We sometime refer to this as our “demons.” By definition, we can’t see our own Shadow clearly because we’re usually looking at life through it—or identifying as it. But once we realize this, we begin looking for the tools and support we need to work with our Shadow material.

One of the reasons the STAGES model of development is becoming more well known is that it is remarkably precise in helping us locate where in our past Shadow may have been created. When we do this, we can begin to see how our current difficulties are connected to early experience, which has been layered over and forgotten, or perhaps occurred before we had memory recall. STAGES gets us to this “location” rather quickly and efficiently.

Just locating our Shadow is a big step, but once we find it we need more specific tools to work with it. Kim’s approach to Shadow work uses the STAGES Model to locate our Shadow material, then he introduces techniques that are designed to work with it at its level. It’s an approach he’s been refining since he first started using STAGES in his psychotherapy practice several years ago.

Kim introduced the essence of his approach in his recent Shadow Patterns course. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that it was clear there was a need for more. In his new Shadow Craft course Kim will guide you into a deeper exploration of some of the Shadow work techniques covered in the original Shadow Patterns course, and he will introduce five new strategies of Shadow work and a few new techniques for each of them.

We hope that in this course you will learn to “dance with your demons,” and through dedicated Shadow work become free of their grip.