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FRN20 – Frontiers of Consciousness – $29 | STAGES International

FRN20 – Frontiers of Consciousness – $29


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Terri will explore these questions:

  1. If we’re developing, we’re headed somewhere. But where? And how do we get there?
  2. Higher stages and higher states are profoundly misunderstood, even among those of us who spend lots of time talking about them. What are the characteristics of the highest levels of human development?

This course is for those who:

  • Would like a roadmap for their own developmental trajectory into the later stages
  • Are curious about the difference between stages of ego development and the states of spiritual unfolding
  • Want to understand how things like the timeless, the nondual, and the boundless fit into development at the later stages
  • Have studied one of the great wisdom traditions but would like to inquire as to how this path relates to the developmental spectrum
  • Are skeptical about later level stages, and would like to see the evidence of their existence
  • Want to integrate other developmental models with the insights of STAGES

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