FT-CSD20 – Fast-Track Certification in Debriefing 1X


Become certified and begin working as a paid Debriefer much more quickly than if you were to complete the 6-month STAGES Certification in Debriefing course. As part of the fast-track program, you will demonstrate your ability by recording a debrief video with a client. This video will be reviewed and scored against the debriefing rubric to determine whether you have met the required standard.

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The STAGES Fast-Track Certification in Debriefing program includes:

  • a copy of the debriefing manual and the rubric
  • a 1.5-hour video call to share the debriefing manual, rubric and offer some hints and tips for good debriefing practice, including how a debrief is different from the coaching
  • a 1-hour 1:1 session with instructor to answer your questions
  • detailed written feedback on your video debriefing submission
  • a 1-hour 1:1 session with instructor to review feedback

Debriefing is a critical element of the STAGES Assessment process, providing clients with an opportunity to explore the depths of their profile and examine how they might wish to move forward with their own development. The STAGES Assessment provides detailed information on the client’s center of gravity, leading and trailing edges, areas of shadow and developmental recommendations. The primary task of the Debriefer is to support the client to make sense of their report by triangulating three sources of information:

  • the client’s sense of their developmental journey
  • the Debriefer’s sense of the client in the debriefing session
  • the score generated through the written assessment

As well it is the task of the Debriefer to use the debrief as added evidence of the clients developmental level by:

  • listening carefully to the client as they present in the moment
  • tracking their life’s developmental trajectory through their stages and asking questions to pin point those transformations where possible

Proficient STAGES Debriefers require a good understanding of each of the developmental stages and strong interpersonal skills to support their client through the debrief process. One of the critical aspects of debriefing is to be able to adapt the way the session is held in line with the client’s own stage of development. Learning how to become a Debriefer is an intense process that involves understanding the detail of the assessment report, how this can be offered to clients in useful ways and how to attune the debriefing delivery in ways that match the client.