Practitioner Partners


Are you looking for a professional who can help you in your development using a STAGES Assessment?

We maintain a network of coaches, mentors, consultants and therapists who use STAGES in their work with clients. In addition, you will find our certified scorers and debriefers. All practitioners in this network are Certified Practitioners and we have formal agreements to insure their use of STAGES conforms to high professional and ethical standards. We nourish this network with ongoing training, and we encourage them to share their experience with each other so that we can continually refine STAGES and its applications.

In choosing a practitioner you’ll be looking for someone who you can work with for the type of developmental support you need. The practitioner will make arrangements for you to take a STAGES Assessment, and either debrief you on the results, or arrange for a debriefing session with a certified debriefer. They can then guide you based on the STAGES Assessment and their overall expertise in the STAGES model. Information about each of them is below and you can contact them directly. Most will offer a no or low cost initial interview so you can determine if there is a good fit between you.

Current Certified Practitioners

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