July 16, 2016 all-day

Impact HUB Oakland
2323 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612


The complexity requirements of leadership have been increasing at an accelerating rate and the fracture lines are ever more apparent in our personal and professional lives. When leaders fail, they are often scapegoated or their failures denied.

More than any other developmental line, self-identity plays the most critical role in ensuring sustained and transformative leadership. Individual and collective practices can be utilized to bring attention to self-identity in ways that are healing and transforming, enabling more resilient collaboration in service of our collective initiatives.

This workshop will highlight and engage practices through which self-identity can become more secure, transparent, and perhaps most importantly, more capable of radical mutuality.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Identify previous experiences of self-identity challenges, as leaders and with leaders.
  2. Experience self inquiry practices that call on distinct structures and states of consciousness.
  3. Explore models of self-identity development in relation to emotion & imagination.
  4. Experiment with intersubjective scenarios that clarify those patterns of self-identity that motivate divisiveness.
  5. Learn about the impact of gender, ethnic, and racial diversity on self-identity.
  6. Engage contemporary examples of leadership failure and leader scapegoating.
  7. Learn the ways in which several distinct models of self-identity imagine leadership.
  8. Connect with others who take an integral approach to leadership and self-identity.