Shadow into Soul




With Terri O’Fallon PhD & Kim Barta MA, Hosted by Rob McNamara
Recorded March 22, 2017

New Online Course with Terri and Kim:

Shadow into Soul: Unfolding the Living Map of Your Life

Starts April 19

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The live event is now over but you can listen to and download the recordings on this page.

In this 90 minute session, Terri O’Fallon and Tim Barta, describe the unique features of the STAGES model of human development that make it an excellent tool for individuals to guide their personal and spiritual development. They demonstrate how by asking just three questions you can learn to determine precisely your developmental level in the moment, and the parameters that your development needs to be completed at that level in order for your growth to proceed. They also demonstrate how this approach can energize spiritual development. STAGES is the only developmental model that maps human consciousness from infancy to the highest possibilities that humans can develop into, so it is especially powerful in nurturing the development of our higher potential.

We hope these recordings give you a good sense of how the STAGES model can help you in your personal and spiritual development!

Shadow into Soul: Three Questions that Reveal the Map of Your Life

Shadow into Soul: Q&A Session with Terri and Kim

About Terri and Kim’s New Online Course…

An Invitation to Energize the Next Phase of Your Personal and Spiritual Development

Course Starts April 19

Save $150 if You Register by April 7

If you’re intrigued by what you learned in Terri and Kim’s brief workshop, we invite you to find out about their new online course.

Shadow into Soul is a new 8-week online course in using the STAGES model of human development to guide your personal and spiritual development. Through the eight sessions of the course, plus an open Q&A session a month after the course ends, Terri and Kim will lead you through the process of applying the model to your life. In each session, Terri and Kim will present new material that will be the basis for understanding the individual and collective embodied exercises that will be done in breakout groups during the session. There will also time in each session for open Q&A with Terri and Kim. Between sessions you will be assigned video work, buddy work and individual practices that will support your personal growth and prepare you for the upcoming session.

The process will reveal more clearly how you arrived at where you are today. It will help you identify, resolve and heal your personal Shadow issues. You will identify your developmental strengths and learn how to enhance them for healing and you will locate your weaknesses and learn how to strengthen the parts of yourself that will heal that early trauma. This will create openings for exploring your emerging potentials and for transforming state experiences into stabilized stages of higher consciousness. And through this process you will quite literally unfold the living map of your life.

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