Conference Dates:
June 21 to 23, 2019

Military Club
Carrera 50 No. 15-20, Bogota, Colombia
PBX (57-1) 290 5077

Hispanoamérica Integral Conference

The first large-scale meeting by and for the entire Spanish-speaking community.

The First Encuentro Hispanoamérica Integral is the opportunity to participate in the emergence of a new perspective, which is able to use all the knowledge gathered by different cultures, exact sciences, humanities and the great sacred traditions, to face the challenges of humanity.

This meeting offers you to know and deepen the understanding of the integral conscience, practice it collectively and be part of a network of people and organizations that are focused on building new understandings and practices, consolidate links and generate proposals to evolve in the different areas of life.

One of the reasons the STAGES model of development is becoming more well known is that it is remarkably precise in helping us locate where in our past Shadow may have been created. When we do this, we can begin to see how our current difficulties are connected to early experience, which has been layered over and forgotten, or perhaps occurred before we had memory recall. STAGES gets us to this “location” rather quickly and efficiently.