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The STAGES Matrix Roadmap

In this 20-page roadmap, you’ll discover:

  • The big picture view that developmental psychology can give you about life
  • How to understand leadership, parenting, and relationship through an entirely different lens
  • What this understanding makes possible
  • How this model is similar to, and different from, other developmental models
  • The “big three” questions that orient all of us in life

This accessible and readable guide also contains helpful diagrams and illustrations.


Audio Downloads

You also have access to two audio files that are 90-minutes each, that illustrate the beautiful and helpful ways this model can be applied to the challenges and opportunities we find in our day-to-day lives.

The STAGES Matrix: Understanding Development

STAGES charts human development from the first-person perspective of an infant to the latest researched levels found in adulthood. We know that children’s views of the world evolve through time, which is why we talk to 7-year-olds differently than when they’re 13.

As we grow into adults, we develop the capacity to take on more complex perspectives. This development can continue throughout adulthood and be expressed as emerging abilities to take larger perspectives, see novel solutions, and find unifying themes in life, work, and love.

She covers how we can:

  • Learn the differences between major stages of development
  • Determine our own stage of perspective development—and what it means
  • Discover how our perspective can be developed over time.
  • Understand how our stage of perspective development can positively influence our work, our relationships, and our self-understanding

90 minutes

Grief & Loss: Transforming Sorrow into Wisdom

Here, Kim Barta dives into grief and loss from a developmental and practical perspective. Grief and loss, be they the death of a relationship or a loved one, sickness, or prolonged illness, have major impacts on us. Our instincts often direct us to try and move away from the pain as the waves of grief crash over us, one after another. And yet, like waves on a real beach, we can move out of the turmoil by going into the waves and towards the calm waters beyond.

In this talk, Kim Barta will discuss how:

  • Grief is not a disorder but a healthy process that can help you clarify values and uncover your deeper self
  • We can move into our grief without getting overwhelmed by it
  • Ways we can do this in our own lives, around topics such as the death of loved ones, the end of long-term relationships, and other challenging life transitions
  • Attending to our grief can allow us to uncover the wisdom within it, so the grieving process does not need to continue for years
  • Our sorrow and loss can open the doors of appreciation and compassion

90 minutes