When Soul is taken hostage by shadow, our connection to Spirit is shackled. We may fight against it, run from it, or become complacent in it, but never free ourselves from it. Release from the bindings of shadow has been shrouded in magical thinking since Freud first postulated the unconscious and Jung first coined the term. Somehow through various incantations prescribed by psychotherapists and coaches we will be magically released from the chains of shadow and set free into our full potential. These incantations that I and my fellow community of healers have utilized are indeed very effective…sometimes. Sometimes not. Why? ​

​Then I was introduced to STAGES by Dr Terri O’fallon. When I understood STAGES, the dynamic of shadow, soul and spirit unfolded like a living map of life. Here I could see the underlying building blocks of consciousness rearranging themselves within the framework of our being. Just like a child can take literal blocks and rearrange them in various configurations to make completely different structures, so too can we, with these consciousness building blocks rearrange them in different configurations that makes all the difference in the consciousness structures we create.

​From here we can see how impacts upon the building blocks of consciousness themselves constrict, or distort the over-all structure of who we express ourselves to be. By targeting the impacts upon the building blocks of consciousness themselves rather than the over arching structure we can make precision interventions that release the bindings of shadow material, deepen the soul and release the expression into spiritual awakening.

​With each step of our life, we make core fundamental shifts in our consciousness that allow our spirit more freedom to shine. With each step there is soul waiting to be born, ego waiting to die, shadow waiting to release its energy back into the pure building blocks of consciousness, allowing the next arrangement to unfold and allowing our authentic spiritual potential to shine. Dissolving shadow, deepening soul, awaking spirit. The map is laid out in front of us and we are now free to roam the vast terrain of consciousness in ever expanding authenticity.

We invite you to join us in this journey.