An Introduction to STAGES for Therapists & Coaches

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With Terri O’Fallon PhD & Kim Barta MA

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The Intro Session is now over but you can listen to and download the recordings on this page.

In this 90-minute video session, Terri O’Fallon and Tim Barta gave an overview of the STAGES model and presented two case studies, one oriented to psychotherapists and the other to coaches. The case studies focused on how to apply the model and practice with clients and demonstrated how its precision can lead to faster and more accurate assessment and intervention. This was followed by lively Q&A from participants, with many excellent questions. We hope the recording gives you a good sense of how the STAGES model can help enhance your work with clients. If you have questions about the model or its application to your practice, please email us and one of our team will get back to you.

The STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching course is now open for registration.

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The STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching Course Starts October 18!

If the Intro Session gave you a sense of new possibilities for your therapy or coaching practice, we invite you to participate in our 8-week online course, STAGES Essentials for Psychotherapy & Coaching, that begins in October. STAGES Essentials is an 8-week online course for professional psychotherapists and coaches (life and business), and other professionals who give guidance to people in a professional context (mentors, facilitators, counselors, spiritual guides, healers, etc.). The course is intended to give you a solid grounding in the STAGES model and its application in therapy and coaching.
“I have been working with the STAGES model as taught by Terri, and practicing the application of its insights to life through my work with Kim for many years now. The results of these efforts have been profound both with regards to my own internal evolution, and also to my capacity to serve others with wisdom, compassion, and skillful means.”

Download Your Bonus PDFs Here

For signing up for the Intro Session you will receive two papers, Overview of the STAGES Model and Developmental Coaching, by Terri O’Fallon PhD. Both are in PDF format. We hope they give you a good introduction to the STAGES model and a good sense of its application to psychotherapy and coaching, as well as its many possible applications in other areas of life.


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