STAGES Certification
Q&A with Terri and Kim

Tuesday, August 6
6 pm US Mountain

No registration required.  

Join Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta for a live Q&A on the upcoming
STAGES Certification for Coaching, Counseling & Psychotherapy

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6 pm Mountain Time (US),
Tuesday, August 6

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STAGES Certification for Coaching, Counseling & Psychotherapy is an 18-month course in three parts: theory, application, and supervision. It culminates in certification as a STAGES Certified Therapist, a STAGES Certified Counselor, or a STAGES Certified Coach.

There is no registration or signup necessary for this Q&A call. Simply select the Zoom link at the time of the call. However, if you’d like to join a list to be sure you’re notified of this event or to learn more about STAGES International, please enter your email and name here:

About STAGES Certification 

We know our clients don’t always make meaning the same way that we do. In fact, that very idea is built into the coaching and therapy models we use. Yet these models often presume an individualistic point of view, when in fact many of our clients may not be there yet — or be well beyond it. This can have profound implications for how we engage with our practice and how effective we are with our clients.

What You’ll Learn and Practice:

  • How the model can work seamlessly with your current training
  • How STAGES can support human transformation
  • Why this model can work so seamlessly with your own training as a coach or therapist
  • Understanding the process of applying STAGES in real-world situations
  • How this model relates to psychological and collective shadows
  • Ways to determine your clients level of perspective taking
  • Why it’s important to offer different kinds of support and challenge to different levels (and especially to those who may be transiting from one level to another)
  • Understanding how your clients’ ongoing development can be encouraged and supported
  • How your own developmental perspective influences your work and your interactions
  • Working with traumas inside of the STAGES model
  • How a community of like-minded practitioners can offer a far more powerful and effective learning environment
  • The latest edges of human development and what we know about them
  • Ways to continue your own path of continuous evolution and growth


In the Diagnostics portion of this certification (September 11, 2019 – March 11, 2020), you will gain a cognitive understanding of the STAGES developmental model. The Intervention portion (April 8, 2020 – September 9, 2020) you will apply this model inside of your own practice and modality. In Supervision (Nov 11, 2020 – May 12, 2021) participants will have 6 months of individual and group oversight in applying STAGES in their professional practice.  

Learn more or contact us for any direct questions.  

Zoom Link & Tech Help

The course will be presented in live video using the Zoom platform, which is very easy to use. It works on any Windows or Mac computer and also on IOS and Android phones and tablets. If you have not used Zoom before, please follow the instructions below before the first session begins.

Helpful Tip: We recommend that you add the Zoom link to the course schedule on your calendar so that you can go directly into course session from your calendar, and not have to come to this page to get the link.

Zoom Help Information

First Time Zoom Users: Windows and Mac computers: Please enter the Intro Session about five minutes early and follow the on-screen instructions allowing Zoom to install a small application on your computer. This normally goes very smoothly and quickly but here is a is a tutorial that describes the process in detail:

Click here to view/download the Zoom tutorial

Phones and Tablets: Please install the Zoom app before the Intro Session begins:

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Technical requirements: Your computer or mobile device must meet or exceed these minimal requirements.

To test the speed of your internet connection please go to