Covid19 from a STAGES Perspective

Due to the massive social disruption caused by the Coronavirus, STAGES is now offering free support on this page as well as both unlimited hardship pricing and limited scholarships on all of our upcoming programs.

On March 19, Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta discussed the Coronovirus from a developmental perspective and from a view of psychological shadow and health—both collective and personal.

This talk was recorded this week in response to questions from participants in STAGES International’s course, Shadow into Soul.

On April 4, Kim led a group support call where he offered some broad guidance about how to maintain your psychological well-being during this unusual and unprecedented time.

(The people on the live call broke out into small groups to offer each other support, but those have been edited out of this video.)

STAGES is offering three courses this spring, with Kim Barta. All three have live Q&A’s that will allow participants to share their concerns, questions, and needs.

Shadow Craft: Dancing with Demons, a 4-week course, with Kim Barta. Begins 6/11. This highly experiential course will have 1.5 hour long, live group practices and Q&A, and is centered around understanding when our shadows were created, and then using the right tools to resolve them. Learn more.

Off the Map: Developmentally Informed, Transformational Meditation, an 8-month course, with Kim Barta MA. Begins 4/29. Guided meditations are designed to help us find a state of consciousness—a place to orient to the world in a deeper and truer way than our egoic and dualistic view. But what if we were guided through our stages of development, starting with infancy and moving up through all the major fulcrums of our growth? Learn more.

Love as Never Before is a brand new audio program that was taken from a four-day workshop. It features 14 hours of talks recorded over 15 digestible sessions. This audio series highlights the parameters of egoic growth and how this growth reconfigures love as our development occurs. Learn more.

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