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This is all of the programs we offer, including programs that are currently open for registration and those where registration is not yet open. 


We have a number of courses that we offer year after year, but it’s important to note that because the STAGES model is always evolving, the content in these courses changes from year to year.

Courses with Kim Barta, MA 

Shadow Patterns

The Evolution of Shadow Resolution

A 4-week course, with Kim Barta MA. 

This course is about understanding the complexities of psychological shadow, which is the cornerstone of therapy and of many forms of coaching,. While the STAGES model will be referenced, a deep understanding of the model is not needed to get the most out of this course.  (Kim’s follow-up course, Shadow Craft, is a detailed exploration of the application of the healing modalities explained in this course.) 

Shadow Craft 

Dancing with Demons

A 4-week course with Kim Barta, MA. 

At some point in our development we realize that we have a shadow, a part of our being that is below the level of awareness and that operates in our life in ways that can hold back our development. We sometimes refer to this as our “demons.”  This course explains the many forms of shadow but its primary focus is on shadow resolution, which is why it comes after Kim’s Shadow Patterns course.  That course is recommended but not required in order to take Shadow Craft.  

Off the Map

Developmentally Informed – Transformational Meditation

An An 8-month meditation course, with Kim Barta MA.  

Guided meditations are designed to help us find a state of consciousness—a place to orient to the world in a deeper and truer way than our egoic and dualistic view. But what if we were guided through our stages of development, starting with infancy and moving up through all the major fulcrums of our growth?

Courses with Terri O’Fallon, PhD 

The Evolving Edge

Foundations of the STAGES Model

A 4-week Online Course with Terri O’Fallon PhD.
This is a comprehensive exploration of the transformative potential of the STAGES model of human development. This course teaches both the STAGES theory and its underlying research.

The Matrix Revealed is different every year because the STAGES model is evolutionary. Each year we take a snapshot of its evolution through constant quantitative and qualitative research which pinpoints the emerging changes that reveals implications, however small or large, for our understanding of development.

Frontiers of Consciousness

Unfolding Four MetAware Stages

A 4-week Online Course with Terri O’Fallon PhD.
Frontiers describes the research underpinning the highest stages yet known to us. We will explore the difference between states and stages in these levels, along with the unfolding of the descriptions of qualities we see emerging at these four later levels of development. We will explore these questions:

  • If we’re developing, we’re headed somewhere. But where? And how do we get there?
  • Higher stages and higher states are profoundly misunderstood, even among those of us who spend lots of time talking about them. What are the characteristics of the highest levels of human development?

STAGES for Educators 

Development in Teaching and Learning

A 6-week course, followed by three-week, consecutive application modules. 

As teachers and educators, we know that children and adults grow through developmental stages. This program will share the science underlying development and show how it can be harnessed to become more effective educators, teachers, leaders, and learners.


The Matrix Revealed

A 4-week course with Terri O’Fallon, PhD. 

STAGES is a recent theory and assessment methodology that builds on modern research into human development. The STAGES Matrix incorporates new theoretical insights into human development and is grounded in statistical research. Like all theories of development, STAGES articulates several stages of development through which people move as they grow. Beyond this, there are several distinguishing features of the STAGES developmental framework and assessment that make it unique.

Courses with Terri and Kim 

STAGES Summer Series

Four 90-minute sessions followed by interactive Q&A time with Terri & Kim. 

The Summer Series features 90-minute explorations of a single topic, with a 30-minute, open Q&A for you to ask questions and interact with Terri and Kim.

Love as Never Before

Audio Series

Recorded workshop with Terri O’Fallon PhD, Kim Barta MA, & Marj Britt, EdD.

This go-at-your-own-pace audio program features Terri O’Fallon, Kim Barta, and Marj Britt in a lively interaction with each other and the audience, and features more than 14 hours of talks recorded over 15 digestible sessions. This audio series highlights the parameters of egoic growth and how this growth reconfigures love as our development occurs. Since our view of self, other, and so much more transforms as we develop, it makes sense that our perception of what love is also changes through time. In a phrase, love grows up.

Shadow into Soul

Illuminating Your Highest Potentials

An 8-week course with Kim and Terri. 

Find your unique soul material by embracing and transforming your shadow. We often struggle with recurring problems in our lives; examples might be trying to lose weight and exercise more, a struggle with addiction. These parts of our development are called shadow, and everyone has shadow areas in life.


STAGES International offers two different kinds of certifications.

STAGES Certification for Coaching, Counseling & Psychotherapy includes theory, application, and supervision. Using clinical data and empirical research as its core, it combines psychological stages of development with psychological shadow work and spiritual states. Learn more.

STAGES Certification in Scoring & Debriefing allows a practitioner to learn how to assess a client’s developmental level, through a 16- or 36-question inventory, in both general and specific areas. This rigorous training includes debriefing, which allows the assessment to be explained to a client — what they need to know and to do in order to come fully into a nascent stage, stabilize an existing one, or complete the transition out of one stage and into the next. Learn more.