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Suggested Subjects:

  • STAGES: A new map to guide your personal and spiritual development
  • Shadow into Soul: How Shadow work can be the gateway to higher levels of development
  • Shadow into Soul: 3 questions that unfold the living map of your life



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We’re excited to tell you about a new online course from our friends Terri O’Fallon PhD and Kim Barta MA: Shadow into Soul: Unfolding the Living Map of Your Life. [<–INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK HERE]

Shadow into Soul is a course in applying the STAGES model of human development to guide your personal and spiritual development. STAGES was pioneered by Terri O’Fallon PhD and is based on her many years of research. She has been teaching STAGES in workshops around the world for about four years with her teaching partner (and younger brother), psychotherapist Kim Barta MA, and they’ve recently begun offering their work online.

We have found the STAGES model to be an incredibly precise map of human development. It’s robust and sophisticated, yet surprisingly each to understand and apply. One example of this is working with Shadow. We all know from experience how the issues in our Shadow can slow down or even halt our development. Almost any kind of Shadow work can be helpful, but much of it isn’t terribly efficient in locating the source of our Shadows or in describing the healing and integration work that needs to be done there. We often feel like we’re stumbling around in the dark.

This is where Terri and Kim’s work excels. STAGES provides a very accurate way to locate the source of Shadow by asking three questions, which then reveals the “parameters” that need to be worked with at that level. This make Shadow work more efficient and effective and allows you to accelerate your development.

Their work also reveals that Shadow work never ends because every developmental level has its own particular type of Shadow. The content of Shadow becomes increasingly more subtle at higher levels, but it doesn’t fade away. Knowing this allows you to avoid “spiritual bypassing” and helps you not get stuck even as your development unfolds at higher levels—where you begin to embody your higher potentials, or what some call Soul.

These two dimensions—Shadow and Soul—are a way to frame development in a way that takes us from the unresolved, unintegrated issues of our early life through the latest level of development that each of us is capable of. And through this process we unfold the map of our life.

If you’re looking for effective and uncomplicated tools for personal and spiritual growth, and wise and loving guides on the journey, we highly recommend you look into Terri and Kim’s new course, Shadow into Soul.

Visit the course registration page [<–INSERT YOUR TRACKING LINK HERE] for more information and to register.

(your name)

p.s. Free Q&A session with Terri and Kim: If you have questions about the Shadow into Soul course you are invited to join a free live video Q&A session with Terri and Kim on Saturday, April 1 at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern. Sign up for free on the course registration page.

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With the STAGES Model, Human development is now understood in a way that creates a runway for growth. This living map of human life allows us to apply some of the world’s most cutting-edge theory and science in a way that generates growth and self-mastery. Understand what got you to where you are today, and what you can do to take charge of your tomorrow. Join Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta for Shadow into Soul: 3 Questions that Reveal the Map of Your Life on April 19th and discover your next developmental step on the journey! [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]

There are two forces pushing on us, right now. One pushes backward, the shadows of our conditioning and childhood. The other pushes forward, the call of our soul and our deepest purpose. Understanding this dance of shadow and soul can give us the tools we need to move into the life we’ve always wanted. What is your Shadow and Soul trying to teach you? Find out in this new online course from Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta, Shadow into Soul: 3 Questions that Reveal the Map of Your Life April 19th. [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]

Join us for an 8-week online course, Shadow into Soul: 3 Questions that Reveal the Map of Your Life from developmental theorist Terri O’Fallon and internationally known psychotherapist Kim Barta and engage an evolutionary journey through your own Shadow and Soul on April 19th. You just might be surprised at what you learn about yourself! [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]

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How do I move beyond the issues that keep triggering me? Join Terri O’Fallon & Kim Barta for an 8-week course starting April 19th [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]

What’s your Shadow & Soul trying to teach you? Found out in this 8-week online course w/ Terri O’Fallon & Kim Barta starting April 19th [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]

How do I know if the developmental work I’m doing is the right kind of work to keep my development alive and growing? Find out on April 19th [<–INSERT TRACKING LINK HERE]



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About Terri O’Fallon

Terri O’Fallon PhD is an Integral scholar who derives theory and research interests from a passionate practice of auspicious wondering, learning, and marinating in life. Terri’s research experience spans 40 years including eleven research studies, conducted in various colleges, public schools and private research venues, but her most passionate theory, research and teaching work of the past eight years revolves around the STAGES model. More…


About Kim Barta

Kim Barta MA is an internationally recognized licensed professional psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His work and insights spring from grounded experiential practice with self and others in his cross cultural and life long experiences. Currently, Kim has teamed up with Terri O’Fallon to present workshops and trainings internationally in the STAGES model. Kim’s extensive history in clinical human dynamics provides a grounded passion to the teaching experience. More…

About STAGES International

STAGES International was formed by Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta in February 2016 to bring the STAGES model and its many applications to a wider audience through both in-person and online programs. Please visit the About Us page for more information.