Guided meditations are designed to help us find a state of consciousness—a place to orient to the world in a deeper and truer way than our egoic and dualistic view.

What if we were guided through our stages of consciousness, starting with infancy and moving up through all the major fulcrums of our growth, and into the most advanced ego stages known to us? If we’re growing, we’re headed somewhere. This program will let you experience where first-hand.  Along the way, we will also experience the places where our development has been cut off and not fully experienced. 

Imagine what might be possible if you got out of your map and into the territory of your experience.

This program will have once-monthly, hour-long LIVE question and answers with Kim Barta, so you can further explore what’s happening in your practice and your life.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have added both a HARDSHIP reduced price offering and SCHOLARSHIPS for anyone who wishes to take this course

Course Overview

An 8-month program from April 29 – December 2

STATES of Consciousness are generally defined as distinct psychological states, such as waking, dreaming, deep sleep, meditative, and others that can arise somewhat independently of our ego development. In meditative circles, various meditations are designed to create different states of consciousness, from unity consciousness to nonduality to experiences of emptiness and fullness, as but a few examples.

STAGES of Consciousness are our ego tiers themselves, starting in infancy (a first-person perspective) and moving up through childhood (a second-person perspective), early adulthood (a third-person perspective), and upwards, including fourth, fifth, and even sixth-person perspectives.

STAGES research shows that states and stages inform one another, and that at the highest levels of known ego development, the disctiction between the two begins to blur and then to unify. 

STAGES International charts human development from the first-person perspective of an infant to the latest levels found in adulthood, and what those levels mean in our day-to-day lives.

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Course Meditation and Live Q&A Schedule

All times are in US Mountain Time.

Month 1:

Practice Available
April 29
May 6
8 – 9 a.m. MT
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Month 2:

Practice Available
May 27
June 3
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 3:

Practice Available
June 24
July 1
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 4:

Practice Available
July 29
August 5
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 5:

Practice Available
August 26
September 2
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 6:

Practice Available
September 30
October 7
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 7:

Practice Available
October 28
November 4
10 – 11 a.m. MT
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Month 8:

Practice Available
November 25
December 2
10 – 11 a.m.  MT
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Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Each month you will receive a new developmentally-informed meditation to practice daily for the month
  • These meditations are specifically designed to enhance each developmental stage sequentially
  • This will allow us to ensure our egoic development is whole and healthy, since so many of us have wounding that occurred at certain developmental stages
  • Our fullest expression of each stage of development can now be experienced and expressed
  • These natural, shadow-healing meditations will work with our core and trailing developmental levels
  • With a much stronger sense of our egos, we’ll be primed to both experience spiritual states more easily, and allow our own egoic development to continue more easily

Often we deal with psychological shadow by crashing down into it. We turn from a mature adult into a reactive teenager, for instance, when something comes at us in life. Or we hide inside of our addictions — booze, porn, news, eating, work, excessive exercise, or the 1,000 other ways we turn from our experience.

What happens when we use mediation to proactively address these shadow issues? What would it be like to reformulate our early years from a healthy perspective?

As we develop we gain wisdom, but often we leave behind vast amounts of unclaimed potential as we grow up and mature, which can both lead to “shadow crashes” and to unclaimed potential. Imagine capturing new wisdom and energy from our developmental past — by infusing it into our passionate now.

Embody Your Full Potential

Join Kim Barta as he takes us on a journey of healing and vitalizing all of our stages of consciousness — from long forgotten but still present perspectives we once inhabited.

    • Discover forgotten capabilities and unrealized passions
    • Re-invigorate your foundational consciousness
    • Experience the healing power of developmentally-informed meditations
    • Gain wisdom in understanding the difference between standard meditations and developmentally-informed meditations (and the benefits and limitations of each)
    • Gain an understanding of how shadows develop at certain developmental stages
    • See how “going back down” into earlier stages can free up emotional and spiritual energy.
    • Learn how this practice can deepen and strengthen your meditation practices

This offering is unlike anything available.

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Who the course is for:

  • Meditation lovers 
  • People on personal growth paths and who love life-deepeninging practices
  • Anyone looking for a unique meditations for growth
  • Those who are curious what a developmentally-informed meditation might illuminate
  • Integralists, serious meditators, and students of developmental psychology
  • Any person who feels their own development has become stuck
  • Those who feel their spiritual insight has become stuck or stagnant

Sample Meditation: Receptive and Abundant

This was taken from Kim’s Winter Series talk, “Transforming through Ego.” 

Course Overview

Receptive and Abundant

  1. Discovery of abundance
  2. Emergence of wisdom
  3. Sensorial aliveness

Egocentric and Passionate

  1. Free expression
  2. Spontaneous aliveness
  3. Just do it

Rules and Community 

  1. Introduction to the we-space
  2. Intimacy
  3. The power of communal imagination

Sacred Principles & Rituals 

  1. Principles to live by
  2. Principled practice
  3. Beliefs for a better life

A Unique Self, Discovered 

  1. Deep self trust
  2. Courageous explorer
  3. Discovery of the I, I do not yet know

True Intimacy & the Loving Witness 

  • Deep intimacy and vulnerability
  • The internal collective and the unconditional loving witness, part 1
  • Meditations for healing shadow, part 1

Vibrant Adaptivity, Unity, and Awareness 

  1. Meditations for healing shadow, part 2
  2. The internal collective and the unconditional loving witness, part 2
  3. The universe and dust

What’s included in the course:

  • Monthly guided, developmentally-informed meditations designed and led by Kim
  • Each meditation will be recorded for your use daily or as desired
  • Monthly Q&A’s with Kim for each session to understand the theory and dynamics designed into the meditation, application, struggles and successes with implementation and correct use and posture of consciousness for each exercise.

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About Kim

Kim Barta, MA is an internationally-recognized licensed psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His work is founded in an experiential practice that works with many different kinds of cultures and challenges, from severe mental illness and trauma to supporting the fullest expression of one’s humanity. Kim’s expertise now includes integrating developmental theory with the day-to-day work of being an active therapist and healer.

Kim graduated with a BA in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Montana in 1984. He pursued a masters in an interdisciplinary program that combined psychology, social work, counseling, and sociology for a broad perspective for healing. He lived with a Native American shaman and did his masters thesis in shamanism and modern psychotherapy.

After developing and implementing a successful training program in the construction industry for people suffering from severe mental illness such as bipolar, schizophrenia, and Axis 2 Disorders, Kim pursued outdoor leadership, becoming an instructor with the international Outward Bound schools. Kim went on to develop a mental health treatment program for children and youth that was adopted by three hospitals in Montana. In 1992, Kim and his wife, Dr. Katie Carter ND, co-founded and continue managing a mind/body healing arts clinic in Polson, Montana, nestled beneath the high Mission Mountains on the shore of Flathead Lake, in the Flathead Indian nation.

Ever seeking better ways of healing in the life of self, other, families and children, Kim has developed several successful new forms of therapy that lead to deep and rapid healing. These therapies have proven themselves effective with a wide range of issues, including: depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, addiction, chronic pain, physical illnesses and weight loss and personal growth. People utilize his psychology/coaching/spiritual guidance practice, on a global level.

Currently, Kim has joined his sister, Dr. Terri O’Fallon, to present workshops and trainings on STAGES, a new model of human development developed by Dr. O’Fallon. Kim’s long history of working with such a wide variety of clients has made his expertise invaluable. He brings nuance and direct application into the STAGES model, allowing it to be integrated into the dynamic and fluid world of psychotherapy and coaching.