Course Begins:
May 4, 2016 – May 8, 2016

Hotel Azúr
Erkel Ferenc u. 2
8600 Hungary

1298 €

The Integral European Conference is the prime gathering in Europe for the global integral community to connect, share and develop a global integral vision together.

This is a two-part workshop, with the second part building on the first. Both workshops are also stand alone sessions and can be attended separately. Both are scheduled on May __.

In Part 1, Exploring Shadow, Deepening Soul, we will dive deeply into introjection and the genesis of shadow, usually inculcated in children through their parents and other more powerful adults. We will explore:

  1. The first four levels of child development
  2. The kinds of shadow trauma that begins at these early levels of development in children, and that began in you as a child
  3. Prevention approaches related to childhood trauma
  4. Intervention of introjected trauma, bringing them out of shadow and into soul.

Part 2, Raising a Family Raises You will bring attention to the four most common adult levels of development

  1. How hidden trauma affects you through your adult life
  2. How it influences your parenting styles
  3. How you pass your own trauma on to your children through projection
  4. Lessons will be learned about how to heal your own trauma, moving from shadow to soul and
  5. How adapt your parenting approach to the needs of your children to minimize trauma to them and
  6. How to intervene when it inevitably happens anyway

Taught by Terri O’Fallon and Kim Barta.